Contact and Referrals

If you have any questions about our puppies or would like to receive more information about our breeding/kennel process please send us a message! If you are interested in a puppy please follow the instructions below and fill out a puppy application. You can contact us via our phone number email, or Facebook(the link is on the top corner of the website). If you are going to call, please leave a voicemail with information for us to call you back with!


Puppy Application

Attached to the link below is our application! Please fill it out, and we will get back to you soon! We try to answer all inquiries within 48 hours of receiving them, but sometimes it may take us a bit longer. If you would like a question answered or a faster response, you can text or call the number above!

Referrals and Returning Owners

We try to encourage our owners to come back for another baby with us(Having a problem with having more than one Pomsky once you bring the first home is a THING. We promise.). If you refer someone new to come to us and they bring home one of our puppies, you will receive a discount on the next baby you bring home! If you are a repeat Pomsky offender and come back to us for a second(or more) puppy, you will also get a discount on the next puppy! Please reach out to us if you refer someone, or if you are looking for a new puppy to add to your Pomsky family, so that way we can make sure that you get the discount you deserve!