Frequently Asked Questions and Puppy Contract


Payment Plans

-We know that bringing home the perfect puppy can be expensive. For this reason, we do offer payment plans! Whether you are paying on a puppy out of a born litter or for your reserved puppy on waitlist in a future litter, the process is the same. Once you make the original deposit to reserve your puppy, you can pay at your leisure. Puppies paid for with a payment plan will not go home with new owners UNTIl full payment is recieved!

Do you have a waitlist for born and expected litters?

-We accept deposits for waitlist placement as soon as a breeding takes place and is announced. Puppies won't go home until they are nine weeks old, so we will still take deposits to reserve a puppy until then(full payment is expected before the puppy goes to its forever home). We offer the option of a non-refundable deposit to anyone who would like to reserve a puppy. The deposit we require is $500, and that will come out of the overall price of the dog. For example: if the puppy you want to place a deposit on is $1,500, once the deposit is placed you will only have to pay the remaining balance of $1,000. We also offer the option to put a deposit down on an upcoming litter. Send us a message to let us know if you wish to do this! Deposits on future litters can also roll onto the following litters(up to four litter rollovers) if you do not want a puppy from that particular litter once they are born.

What do you feed your dogs?

-Our dogs are fed a high protein diet. We buy a variety of high protein dog food depending on if the dogs like it, and the content in the food. Some brands that we often buy are Diamond: High Energy, and Country Lane: High Protein.

Do you DNA test your dogs?

-Yes! We use Embark DNA testing to make sure that all of the dogs in our program are healthy before breeding. Our dogs are clear for all of the genetic issues that Embark tests for. You can look at our dog's full Embark results on each dog's individual pages, where there is a link that takes you to the full results. We want everyone who is looking to bring home one of our puppies to have full access to parental health history, should they want to check it out.

Where are you located?

-We are located in Centerville, Iowa.

Do you offer delivery?

-Yes! We will deliver within a semi-reasonable distance for no charge, meet halfway, or ship via a puppy safe airline for a transportation fee. Our main goal is to ensure that the puppy 's travel is as safe as possible. If shipping cargo, we fly American Airlines or through United's PetSafe travel program. Puppy nanny travel depends case to case, but is very popular! As long as one of us is free, we also will fly and nanny the new puppy ourselves. In this case we only charge for the price of our flight and the puppy’s travel, and nothing more.

How much is a puppy?

-Our puppy price normally starts at $1,500. We spend a lot of time and money researching genetics for our dogs and making sure that our dogs are of healthy genetic lines. We use beautiful and healthy Pomskies for our breeding program. Our goal is to find dedicated owners who are looking to bring home an amazing lifelong companion. Because of this, we price our puppies accordingly. If you find a puppy for less than $1,000, it is very possible that it is a scam, or the puppy is from a poor genetic background. When looking for the a healthy and perfect companion, you get what you pay for.

How big will my puppy get?

-Most puppies are within the estimated range between the parent's size. Though, we cannot guarantee the exact size. With the Pomsky breed, there is always the potential for a genetic throwback. In this case, puppies could potentially be well over or under our expected weight range. We like to offer a projected range that we have from the parents, but that is not a guarantee that the puppy will remain under a certain weight. Most of our puppies are more husky than Pom, so surprises in size do happen every once and a while.

Do Pomskies shed?

-Yes! Pomskies typically shed somewhere between a typical husky and pomeranian coat. Pomskies do blow their coats a few times a year, but this can be maintained with regular brushing. You can also take them to a groomer to have their coats blown out or a sanitary trim, but they should never be shaved under any circumstance.

Can we physically come visit to meet our potential Pomsky?

-Yes! Send us a message and we would be happy to arrange a meeting or a video call if you cannot physically come visit. We want to be as accommodating as possible to a future LJ Kennel family member!

Where do the puppies stay before they go home?

-Our puppies split their time in the whelping kennel and in the house with us. They split their time in our whelping kennel, and in the house with us to socialize. They are also able to be outside in our fenced-in yard when they are old enough to play outside with the other dogs after vaccinations.

What kind of socialization or training do we do with puppies before they go home?

-We try our best to expose our puppies to everything they will face later in life! They are taken on car rides, exposed to some of our pack one on one once old enough and vaccinated, given baths, started on brush acclamation, and have interaction with people and children. As soon as the puppies are old enough, we try to start them on outside potty training, but accidents do happen, as with all puppies. We start building a training foundation for our future owners as soon as we can.

Puppy Contract

We require all future puppy owners to sign a puppy contract. We do this to ensure that the puppy's best interest is always kept in mind. We want all of our dogs to live happy, healthy lives. This means that we want to keep all of our dogs out of shelters or unsatisfactory living conditions. The questions below are taken directly from our puppy contract. After arrangements are made for a puppy, we will have a paper/digital copy for the new owner to sign! If you are looking to add one of our puppies to a breeding program, we have a separate contract. Please message us to discuss breeding rights!

LJ Kennel’s Pomsky’s

Breeder Name:   LJ Kennels

Address: ________________

Phone:     641-856-7891    

Buyer Name: ______________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________

Phone: __________________________________

Date of Sale: ________________

Date of Delivery: _______________

Price: _________________

Deposit: _______________ Date:_________________

Transportation fee(not included in the original price):______________ Date: ____________

Balance paid: ____________ Date: ________________ (Balance due before delivery)

Description of the Puppy

Breed: ____________________

Gender preference: (   ) Male (   ) Female

Puppy Generation/Percent:_______________________

Puppy’s Litter Given Name:_____________________

If Renamed, New Name: _________________

Color: ____________________

DOB: ____________________ (Puppies must be 8-9 weeks or older before delivery)

Litter Name or Number: _________________________

Sire: ___________________________________

Dam: __________________________________

Proposed use of the puppy

(   ) Pet or family companion

(   ) Performance competitions/Therapy/Assistance

(   ) Breeding

Seller Agreements

1.  The puppy/dog’s sire and dam are both DNA tested. The puppy/dog is expected to be free of the hereditary issues that were tested for. However, no guarantee of such is or can be made for all of the hereditary issues that may be possible. 


2.  The puppy/dog is healthy at the time of sale, has a clean vet-approved bill of health, and has had immunizations enumerated in the attached health record. We offer a one-year warranty from purchase in the event that the death of the puppy occurs. Up to one year, the buyer has the option to select another puppy from a later litter. We also offer lifetime breeder backing, but will not replace a grown puppy. We will try our best to assist you in your journey with your new puppy as much as we can.


3.  The buyer agrees to maintain the puppy/dog’s health with yearly vaccinations as specified by their veterinarian. 


4.  Should the puppy/dog become ill or unsound, any and all costs of treatment will be the responsibility of the buyer. The only exception is if the puppy is relinquished back to the breeder. At this point, the buyer is giving up all rights to the puppy.


5.  The buyer agrees to feed the foods that are beneficial to the puppy in question, following a diet that is recommended by a vet, or a high protein diet that is recommended for the Pomsky breed. This means that the puppy cannot be only fed a vegetable or otherwise only a plant-based diet. 


6.  The buyer agrees to socialize, train, and keep the puppy/dog in an acceptable manner to the best of their ability. For this, we recommend some kind of puppy training or behavior class. 


7.  If at any time the buyer is unable to keep or care for the puppy/dog, it must be returned to the breeder. In signing this contract, the buyer agrees to surrender the puppy/dog to the seller in this case. It shall include all of its documents, with ownership transfer adequately signed. The puppy/dog may not be transferred or sold by the buyer. The goal of this is to ensure that all of our puppies are happy and well cared for. We do not want any of our puppies to end up in a shelter or in an unsatisfactory home. 

8. The breeder will endeavor to place any returned puppy/dog as advantageously as possible. There is no guarantee that the buyer will get a return of purchase amount or any other cost if they give up the puppy or it is removed from their care, and this includes any medical or other costs. 


9. Like said above, if the breeder determines that the puppy/dog is not suitably cared for, or that it has been mentally or physically mistreated, the seller has the right to take full possession of the dog without refund. We as a breeder will not interfere unless there is a VERY SIGNIFICANT cause to do so. The breeder’s opinion is the only authority required to justify this action. Testimony of other people will not supersede the breeder’s judgment on this matter. Under such circumstances, all warranties are then VOID. 

By signing below, you are agreeing to all of the terms stated in the entirety of the contract above.

Buyers Full Name______________________________________________ Date_____________

Breeders Full Name_________________________________________________ Date____________