About Pomskies

Different Pomsky Sizes

The Pomsky is known to have moderate bone density, which causes Pomskies to be heavier by size than other breeds. The  breed standard is more about the height, rather than the weight. Height is measured from the top of the front shoulders. The breed standard information can be found here.


Under 10” tall at the shoulder, and up to 15 pounds.


Up to 14” at the shoulder, and between 12-20 pounds. 


14-18” tall at the shoulder, and between 20-35 pounds.

Different Coat Types

The Pomsky has three acceptable coat types, all double-coated and giving a well furred appearance.


Short length, dense fur, generally under 1” in length 


Medium length, dense fur, generally under 3” in length (may also be coined ‘Medium’)


Long length, dense fur, generally more than 3” in length

Do Pomskies shed?

Yes! Pomskies typically shed somewhere between a typical husky and pomeranian coat. Pomskies do blow their coats a few times a year, but this can be maintained with regular brushing, grooming, or blowouts. You can take them to a groomer to have their coats blown out or a sanitary trim, but they should never be shaved under any circumstance.

Are Pomskies hypoallergenic?

Absolutely not. You can read more in this article on our page.


How big will my puppy get?

We cannot guarantee size. Most puppies end up within the estimated range between the parent's size, but this is just an estimate. The different sizes in Pomskies is detailed in the previous section. 

With the Pomsky breed, there is always the potential for a larger or smaller puppy. We like to offer a projected range that we have from the parents, but that is not a guarantee that the puppy will remain under a certain weight, especially with the newness of the breed.

Why are Pomskies priced as they are?

All reputable breeders who care about the puppies they are producing will have a similar price. There is a lot of work, time, and love that go into our dogs and puppy's care and breeding. We will not lower prices when asked, as our prices are set. A well bred puppy is not an auction item, and we will not accept lowball offers. When filling out the application, please keep this in mind.

We would be happy to give breeder recommendations. But please know that we only recommend other reputable breeders who health test and have respectable breeding practices. They will have similar prices. Our puppies are health tested, properly socialized, and thoroughly checked over by our vets.

You may very well find a puppy cheaper on Craigslist, at a puppy mill, or though wholesale puppy sites like Lancaster puppies. Just beware that you get what you pay for. They will likely not have health tested parents, and you will not be sure if you are actually getting a Pomsky. What you invest now for a puppy from healthy, tested parents will be less than what you will spend down the road for health issues from a puppy mill puppy.

Puppy Colors, Markings, Eye-color, Coat Type, Size, and Gender

We personally do not breed Pomskies that are less than 5lbs full grown. 

We do not guarantee markings, coloring, eye color, or size.
We give our best estimate on what puppies will look like full grown based on our experience as breeders.

Do Pomskies have any health issues?

Thus far, we have not seen any major health problems across the board. Overall, they seem to be a very healthy breed. Though the Pomsky breed is a brand new hybrid and we are learning as we develop the breed.

What are Pomsky temperaments like?

Pomsky personalities will often vary. They are a mix between Pomeranian traits and Husky traits. Pomskies are very intelligent, and take to training quickly. Pomskies seem to be more focused on their human family and less independent than a typical husky, and like to be near you. Pomskies are very clever, and if there is a way to escape they will do so. Pomskies are typically medium to high energy, and will thrive with an active lifestyle, enritchment, or proper exercise.

Do Pomskies do well with children?

The answer is, ABSOLUTELY! Many of our puppy owners have children, and they do very well. The key part about having puppies and children is in regards to training the puppy AND the child. Learning respect is a key part of raising both puppies and children!

Puppies are just like toddlers, they need to learn the correct way to behave with people and children. We work endlessly with our puppies to give them the best start and training to be respectful of their humans(for example working on how to play with others, bite inhibition). Children who have not been around dogs also need instruction on how to properly treat a puppy or dog. There are several informative sources that can help with this, including books, YouTube videos, dog trainers, and learning sites.

Do Pomskies do well with other animals?

Pomskies do amazing with other dogs! Our puppies are socialized with our pack as soon as they are old enough to do so. Several of our owners also have other dogs and cats.

We do not recommend having small animals like rabbits, birds, or rodents with Pomskies unless they are introduced early on and continuously worked with. Pomskies often do have the Husky prey drive, and will chase smaller animals like rabbits.