Bringing Your Puppy Home

When will our puppy come home?

Our puppies go home at 8-9 weeks old. Puppies that fly are recommended to be 10 weeks old as per the airlines. We will not hold a puppy after they are old enough to go home and have a new owner. The age that puppies go home is critical for their social development.  If you have vacation planned or another type of event that requires travel during the time in which you will have a new puppy, know puppies cannot be boarded in a kennel until they have received their full immunizations including their rabies vaccination. This cannot be given until at least 3 months of age, so please plan accordingly.

What do our puppies come home with?

All of our puppies are vet checked and will come with age appropriate shots given. They will also come with their shot book, health check paperwork, microchip, a fecal, and records from our vet.


They will be dewormed at 2 weeks, 4, weeks, 6 weeks and 8 weeks.


Puppies will not come with a rabies shot as they are too young to get them at 8 weeks. Your vet will let you know when they should receive it. If it is an older puppy being brought home they will have all of their age appropriate shots.

Our puppies will also go home with a puppy pack! This includes a bag of the dog food they are on, puppy insurance via Trupanion, toys, a scent blanket, a go home bag, miscellaneous goodies, a collar and leash set, and a puppy information pack about Nuvet!

What kind of socialization or training do we do with puppies before they go home?

We try our best to expose our puppies to everything they will face later in life! They are taken on car rides, exposed to some of our pack one on one once old enough and vaccinated, given baths, exposed to different sounds(a vacuum, Roomba's, music, animal sounds, general household traffic, etc) and have interaction with people and children. We try to start building a good foundation for our future owners as soon as we can.

Potty Training

Puppies will have been pottying in a indoor grass patch before they go home. This will help with the transition to potty training outside. No pee-pads are used in our home, which is also more eco-friendly.

Can we physically come visit to meet our Pomsky?

Send us a message and we would be happy to arrange a meeting or a video call. We want to be as accommodating as possible to a future LJ Kennels family member!

The health of our family members and dogs are our top priority. There have been too many instances in today’s world where a breeder has their dogs and puppies stolen. There is also the risk of disease being brought into the house with the puppies, which we try our best to avoid.