Pricing $2,500-$5,000

Our puppies start at $2,500, and range up from there depending on a puppy's markings and eye color. We very rarely have puppies at the lower end of the range, but it does sometimes happen. A breakdown of our pricing can be found above. Puppies that are lavender or blue will have an additional premium. You will not get a puppy 20lbs and less at the lower part of the price range.

How do we get on the waitlist and how does it work?

Waitlist Approval and Deposits: We ask that potential owners fill out our application so that we can have all information needed when puppy picks start. In order to reserve a puppy to bring home when of age, you must be on our waiting list/place a deposit. We WILL NOT reserve a puppy for you without a deposit, regardless of how much contact we have. If we decline an application, it is because we do not believe that one of our babies is fit for your family. 

Deposits on our waitlist are $300.00. This is non-refundable. Once a deposit is placed it WILL NOT be returned. Placing a deposit will reserve your place in line once puppy picks are made. Make sure you are committed and ready for a puppy when placing a hold. If there is not a puppy in the litter you want and this is communicated before puppy picks are made, you can move your deposit to the next available litter. Dates for future planned litters are often tentative and subject to change. If you are a breeder looking to place a deposit, please contact us. We adjust our deposit protocol accordingly to ensure that you will get what you are looking for. 

Puppies are chosen in waitlist deposit order when the puppies turn 4 weeks of age, or whenever eye color can be fully determined. Though this does not happen as often, if you already know which puppy you want before then regardless of eye color you are still welcome to reserve that puppy early. If none of your choices are available, as long as you communicate with us we can move your pick to another litter.

If the waitlist decides to pass on a puppy(whether reserved or not), we will offer that puppy back to the waitlist followed by the public as soon as we know. If there is a specific puppy or pairing you like, we recommend getting on our waitlist and placing a deposit. We cannot guarantee a puppy will be made available to the public.

Application Approval

We reserve the right to be picky as to where our puppies go home to, along with the right to deny an application at any time if we do not feel one of our puppies will be a good fit.

We will ask you to have a call interview or video call to discuss bringing home one of our babies after an online application approved. This is the next step of our interview process, and you will be required to video call before you are approved or bring one of our babies home. We are adding you to our LJ Kennel family, and we want to make sure that our puppy will be a good fit before they go home.

We WILL NOT sell to backyard breeders, puppy mills, or any other type of irresponsible breeder. We will also not approve any owner that will be having their puppy live outdoors.

Do you have a waitlist for born and expected litters?

Yes! Placing a deposit, like mentioned above, on a litter holds your place in line to pick a puppy in the order that the fees are received. We accept deposits for the waitlist all year round.

Puppies won't go home until they are eight to nine weeks old, so we will still take deposits to reserve a puppy if they are not already all claimed until then. Only those with an approved puppy application and video call can place a deposit. Once puppies are at the age to go home, full payment is expected instead of a holding fee.

Payment Plans

We know that bringing home the perfect puppy can be expensive. For this reason, we do offer payment plans! We do not accept payment plans for puppies that are 1 week old or older. A payment plan also places you on the waitlist. So prior to a pairing, you’ll be able to determine if you’d like to be considered for that litter.

 Here is how our payment plans work.

  1. Complete a puppy application and be approved. 
  2. Send us a message to discuss your concerns and what weekly, monthly, or bi-monthly payment plan works best for your budget. 
  3. When you agree, I will send you an official contract to sign so that it’s all legal and you feel comfortable in knowing what the terms are. 
  4. Then you pay on the schedule you agree to, and when you are almost done paying for the price of a puppy or at a point where you feel comfortable in paying off the remainder of the balance, you will be able to pick your puppy from that upcoming litter.
  5. Payments can be made through a variety of methods, which are listed in the next section.

STIPULATIONS: You are responsible to make the payment on the schedule you designate. I will not go chasing after payments. It is your responsibility to place on your calendar when your payment is due. Payments begin with a typical $300 down payment, which is the price of our deposit. Puppies must be FULLY paid for before they can go home, and they must go home at 8-9 weeks old. If prearranged payments are not paid, you will receive one warning before you are removed from our waitlist. Payments made on a payment plan are NON-REFUNDABLE, just like our deposit. Hardship deferrals, especially during COVID can be considered if notified in advance along with major illness and death in the immediate family. Once a payment plan is forfeit, it will not be reestablished. 

Accepted Payments

We accept a variety of payment methods! We accept cash, venmo, cashiers checks, square, Apple Pay, and Zelle. We are no longer wanting to using PayPal as there have been issues with buyers not following through with payments. If you can only pay through Paypal, you will be required to send the payment in advance so we can ensure that the payment goes through and isn’t refunded. In the case of PayPal, you will be required to send through friends and family.

Referrals, Discounts, and Returning Owners

We try to encourage our owners to come back for another baby with us(Having a problem with having more than one Pomsky once you bring the first home is a THING. We promise. We have, like, four). 

We offer a $250 discount for Military,  First Responders, and Healthcare Workers.

If you are a repeat Pomsky offender and come back to us for a second(or more) puppy, you will get a discount on the next puppy. Please reach out to us if you are looking for a new puppy to add to your Pomsky family, so that way we can make sure that you get the discount you deserve!

If you refer someone new to come to us and they bring home one of our puppies, you will receive a discount on the next baby you bring home from us and a $100 referral bonus. For the referral bonus, make sure that the person you referred mentions that you sent them to us!