Get to know us

We all have a passion. This is ours. 

Our Mission Goals

We want the best for all of the puppies and dogs that are in our program. We are dedicated to raising lovable and healthy Pomskies. Our family has always depended on the comfort and love of our dogs, and we strive to help other families enjoy the same comfort and care that dogs have always given our family. All three of the Pomskies in our program are spoiled couch lovers, and we aspire for their puppies to have the same.

Our Values

Our business is more than just a job. Our dogs are live in the comfort of our own home, and all puppies are well socialized. Our family has raised dogs for generations. It is a family tradition of ours to make sure that all of our dogs are spoiled, happy, healthy, and well-tempered. We believe that a well-socialized puppy goes a long way in having amazingly well-behaved dogs in the long run. We only have one litter at a time, and they are spaced out for the health of the moms in our program.