Available and Past Puppies

Waitlist and Reserved Puppies

Those on the waitlist will get first picks of puppies before the public. Once the waitlist has chosen, any remaining puppies will then be offered to the public. Those who would like to reserve a puppy before they are able to go home are asked to join our waitlist to make that selection. The only time we do not have owners put a waitlist deposit down is if the puppy is older than 8 weeks, which rarely ever happens.

If the waitlist decides to pass on a puppy they reserved due to eye color once eyes open or because they want a different puppy, we will offer that puppy back to the waitlist, followed by the public as soon as we know. If there is a specific puppy you like, we recommend getting on our waitlist. We cannot guarantee a puppy will be made available to the public.

Our puppies start at $1,500, and range up from there depending on a puppy's markings and eye color. Our normal range is $1,500-$5,000. We do not have puppies that are under $1,500, and the majority of blue eyed, husky masked puppies will be $2,500-$5,000.

Upcoming Pairings and Litters

Tucker x Tazmania

This litter is due any day!!!! Our vet saw at least five puppies. Tucker is an AMAZING little guy owned by a fellow breeder that weighs in at just 15lbs. Both he and Tazzy are 100% clear of all the genetic conditions that embark tests for, so they will be PERFECT to add to a breeding program.

This litter will be estimated 12-25lbs. We might have a few smaller, but we will need to wait and see once they are born. This will be Tazzy's second litter. These puppies will more than likely have blue eyes and be chocolate and white, black and white, chocolate merle, and blue merle(not recessive dd, this is the blue merle coat color found in Pomeranians). They will be plush or wooly coated. This litter will be $3,000-$4,000 pet price. These puppies will be ready to go home right before Christmas!

1st Pick-Breeder Pick Female
2nd Pick-Sarah(non Merle female)
3rd Pick-Alyssa
4th Pick-Darcie
5th Pick-Ryan

Tazzy's Embark DNA test link
Tucker’s embark can be shared upon request.

Remi x Chloe

We will be pairing our sweet little Chloe to Remi! They both have amazing and loving personalities, so we know these babies will be the best additions to their families! Remi is SUPER WOOLY, so we will have both wooly and standard coats expected. These cuties will be perfect micros/minis at less than 12lbs full grown. These puppies will be black and white, silver and white, and brown and white! This litter will be $3,500-4,500. 

1st Pick-Dawn(non merle female)
2nd Pick-Open
3rd Pick-Open

Chloe's Embark DNA testing
Remi’s Embark DNA testing

Remi x Nova May

Planned for Spring 2021! This will be Nova May's third litter . This litter will be estimated 8-25 full grown. This litter will have the potential to be standard or wooly coated. Pending size, markings, etc, this litter will be $3,000-$4,000 pet price.

Waitlist for this litter is not yet open.

Nova May's Embark DNA Results
Remi’s Embark DNA Results 

Pongo x Tazzy

Planned for Spring 2021! This will be Tazzy's third litter. This litter will be estimated 15-25lbs full grown. Based on previous litters we are expecting most if not all puppies to have blue eyes, and to be either black and white or merle. This litter will have the potential to be standard, plush, or wooly coated. Pending size, markings, etc, this litter will be $3,000-4,000 pet price.

Waitlist for this litter is not yet open yet.

Tazzy's Embark DNA test link
Pongo's Embark DNA test lin

Past Puppies

We like to keep in touch with our puppy owners! We love to see how well everyone is doing, and we always want to hear about new adventures!

Past Tazmania Puppies

All of these babies are from the Spice Litter.

Past Nova May Puppies

These pictures are of the Avengers litter and the Precious Stone litter.