Health and Nutrition

Your Pomsky Puppy Deserves the Best Start in Life

We give all of our dogs and puppies NuVet, and we highly recommend that you do too! Our adult dogs all get one wafer, pregnant and whelping moms get two wafers, and puppies get half a wafer. Follow the link below to visit their official website and learn more about this amazing supplement! You do not need to bring one of our puppies home to order! If you would like to order, our order code is 279923.

Dog Food

We are currently feeding our adult dogs Exclusive Signature Chicken and Brown Rice Formula! It comes in several flavors, and we switch it up sometimes. We feed our puppies the puppy version. The link takes you to the website, but you can also buy it most places you get dog food or you can order it online.

Toys and Chews

We have created an amazon wish list to help owners find toys and chews! You can check it out by following the link below. Many owners also get soft stuffed toys, but many puppies will eventually shred them.

Leash and Harness

We personally get our harnesses and leashes from Pomskie Pack Supply! They are super cute, they hold up well, and they are made specifically with Pomskies in mind! You can also order similar harnesses and leashes on Amazon, or you can get them at a pet store like Petco or Petsmart!