If owners are willing, we do ask them to write testimonials for us! We know that getting a new family member can be stressful, and we hope that our testimonials will help put new owners at ease. If you are thinking about getting a puppy from us and would like to talk to some of our puppy owners, shoot us a message and we can get you in contact with them. 

We started our search for a Pomsky a while back.  We came across LJ Kennels Pomsky and couldn’t be happier.  We were first impressed at how quickly they responded to our questions.  (We had thousands of them)  We wanted a smaller Pomsky and seeing how they can range from 5-50lbs. We were definitely concerned.  Knowing that they have a lot of experience with Pomskies we knew our pup should be under 14lbs or so fully grown.  When we started the process we first jumped on a Video call with Lexy and the pups.  We fell in love with all of them so the hardest part was choosing the perfect pup for us.

Knowing that both parents are genetically tested  gave us piece of mind that we will be getting a healthy pup.  During the process of about 4-5 weeks from when we finally got to meet Turbo the experience was awesome.  Lexy sent pictures, videos, and updates of him all the time.  Knowing he was already being potty trained before he even left was another major benefit.  He is the absolute PERFECT addition to our family.  He is the most intelligent and well mannered pup I’ve ever interacted with.  Whenever we take him for a walk people literally stop in their tracks to ask us questions.  His vet check ups have confirmed that he is very healthy.  If you’re looking for a Pomsky you’ve come to the best Breeder there is.  They love their pups and make sure they all get the perfect homes. -Peter W.

For those who are in search of adding a fur baby to their family, I would HIGHLY recommend working with Lexy Hedgecock / LJ Kennels. First of all, they have done all the hard work (and continued work) to maintain breeder membership with the Pomsky  Associations. This commitment to professionalism was really important to us when we began our search. I also found Lexy to be extremely personable, knowledgeable and available not only in the inquiring process but also afterwards. During our search, I was able to see the puppy parents via a Zoom meetup including watching them play in their home environment and we also recently shared pictures with each other celebrating our puppy's first birthday! The open communication and authentic genuine care of her Pomskies is outstanding. Importantly, I also want to talk about our pup. I read over a dozen books on Pomsky ownership before making the decision to pursue the breed, and to my surprise, the behavior/training issues I read about, simply put, were not our experience at all. I read that puppy personality and behavior depends greatly on the canine parents, and I have come to the conclusion that this must be true. Our Pomsky is extremely affectionate, intelligent, great with our littlest who just turned 5, easy to please, rarely barks, etc. She truly has a fantastic sweetheart personality. I read a lot about this breed's 'high energy' but with two walks a day, or two activities outside - she is happy as can be and takes full advantage of her afternoon naps - all-in-all a gorgeous, loveable, low-maintenance dog. Adding a pet to your family is a huge commitment - Lexy understands this and takes your journey seriously. You will not be disappointed working with this lovely family and lovely pack!
-Elizabeth A. and Family

From the moment I messaged LJ Kennels looking for a puppy to actually going and getting him, it was an excellent experience. Dasher (once known as Bruce) is now 5 months old. He is so smart and such a fast learner. We used the “bells” on the door to potty train him and he caught on within just a few days. He loves his crate and sits on command. He does so well at all his vet visits and loves meeting new people. I am so thankful to have come across LJ Kennels! If I decide to get Dasher a friend, I will definitely be contacting LJ Kennels again. Highly recommend them!   -Danaica B.

LJ Kennels was fantastic to work with and we couldn’t be happier with our boy! From the first message all the way until we picked up our pup was smooth and they kept in contact with us and answered every question we had. We were able to see the parents DNA testing to ensure that we were getting a healthy puppy and he has turned out to be the sweetest, most gentle, and well mannered dog. LJ Kennels will be our go-to if we ever decide to add another to our little family!  
  -Tiffany J.

Our experience with LJ Kennels could not have gone better. Lexy and her dad obviously care immensely about their dogs and puppies. They communicated with me throughout the whole process and were extremely helpful. They were willing to ship my baby to me as long as the travel was safe and not stressful for him. Our boy Nash is beautiful, playful, loving and was super easy to train. He gets along great with the family including his canine big sister(pictured). He also loves meeting new people and dogs. I would not hesitate to buy my next Pomsky from LJ Kennels and would recommend them to anyone looking to add some love to their life.    -Ursula C.