Stud Services

We offer stud services to ethical, or established breeders and those who are mentored by them. We either accept the price of the puppy paid at the time of breeding, or a puppy back. Located in Centerville, Iowa but available all through the United States.


We are happy to fly and nanny our small studs(less than 20lbs, though we can drive as we do ground transport too for the cost) anywhere for natural ties or side by side collection. If within a reasonable distance from Centerville, Iowa, we are happy to drive and meet halfway. The female’s Owner is responsible for the cost of transport. 


We have a spectacular vet clinic a few blocks from us. If you want to send your female to us to breed naturally, or be AI/TCI/Surgically bred, they are happy to do so. We do not bring in outside females to our kennel for risk of illnesses. Our vet will board a female for $18-22 a day, and can run progesterone tests(normally less than $100) as needed. This cost and option is up to the female Owner.

Meeting and Natural Breedings 

We will drive up to three hours free of charge to meet breeders with our male. We will allow natural ties as long as the female is in the breeding window and proof of negative fecal/brucellosis is provided before hand. If we travel with the stud, we can collect and AI the female ourselves and provide this service as a part of the studding.


EE KyKy AtAt Bb DD NDup 
Health Clear, 8lbs
OFA hip/elbow/patella clear
Can collect and natural tie
Apex Lineage


EE, KyKy, AtAt, Bb, Dd, DupDup
Health Clear, 15lbs
OFA Hip/Elbow/Patella clear
Can collect and natural tie
Remi Son


EE, KyKy, AwAt, Bb, Dd, Ndup
Potential DM carrier, 8lbs
Can natural tie
Tater/Magnum Lineage


EE, KyKy, AtAt, Bb, Dd, NN
DM carrier
AKC Pomeranian, 7lbs
Can natural tie or collect

Our Stud Contract

Contract for Use of Stud
Agreement made between LJ Kennels and  for use of Stud dog to breed with Bitch              .
Stud Owner: Lexy Hedgecock
Phone Number: 641-856-7891
Email: [email protected]

Bitch Owner: _____________________
Phone number: __________________
Email: _______________________
Address: ________________________


  • $ for the stud fee shall be paid to the Stud Dog Owner at the time of stud service.
  • OR pick of the litter once eyes are open, or relevant DNA testing is complete.

A Litter, for the purposes of this Contract, is defined as a minimum of 2 puppies born alive. If Breeding does not take, a Repeat Breeding will be offered to the same Bitch on her next season if both parties are in agreement. Any costs related to reproduction and transport including but not limited to AI’s, TCI’s, Surgical insemination, flights, ground transport, and so on will not be refunded. If other arrangements have not been made with the Stud Dog Owner and the Bitch is not bred on her next season, or is bred to another Stud Dog on her next season, the Contract is null and void.


  • Provide full genetic panel by Embark if Bitch owner or puppy buyers request it.

  • If the Bitch is brought to the stud, let Bitch Owner know exactly when and how many times the Stud and Bitch tie to help with knowing an accurate birth timing.

  • Agree that if the Bitch is brought to the Stud Dog Owner, they will keep the Bitch properly confined following Breeding to ensure no other Dog could mate her accidentally before her season is complete.

  • If the Stud is brought to the Bitch for live cover, be present to allow for at least two ties.

  • Fly or drive the stud to the Bitch owner for side by side collection or natural ties. Any costs related to transportation are to be paid by the Bitch owner.

  • Ship semen if that is the intended method for breeding. The price of shipping semen and any analysis requested is to be paid by the Bitch owner. The Stud owner cannot guarantee that the semen will be viable upon arrival with the US Postal system as it is right now.

  • Send the stud in good health, free of parasites or infections.


  • PROGESTERONE TEST female for accurate readings to predict the ideal time for breeding. The Stud Dog Owner will not send the stud or semen shipment until this is done.

  • Pay the stud fee to the Stud Dog Owner at the time of Stud Service.

  • Agree that the Bitch is in good health, free of parasites or infections, and in season.

  • Notify Stud Dog Owner around 30 days if pregnancy is confirmed via ultrasound otherwise by day 70 that puppies have arrived.

  • Keep the Bitch properly confined following Breeding to ensure no other Dog could mate her accidentally before her season is complete.

  • Agrees to not knowingly sell or transfer puppies resulting from this Breeding to any person or firm connected with the business of resale or wholesale of dogs. 

  • Agrees to send the Stud Dog Owner weekly updates of the puppies 

  • Any sort of reproductive cost including but not limited to AI, TCI, collection, semen analysis, semen shipping, transport to the bitch(either by us or by a nanny), etc will be at the cost of the Bitch Dog Owner. No reproductive, breeding, or other related fees will be taken out of the stud fee.

Stud will be treated like one of the Bitch Dog Owner’s own animals when in the care of the Bitch Dog Owner. He will be exercised, played with and pampered. Bitch Dog Owner will make his/her greatest effort to make sure this stud will feel comfortable during his stay, as well as being adequately separated from Stud Dog Owner’s other male and female dogs.
Bitch will be allowed to breed with the Stud as often as needed when in the Bitch Dog Owner’s care. If the dogs cannot tie naturally, the Bitch Dog Owner will immediately contact the Stud Dog Owner to see how they wish to proceed.

Stud Dog Owner understands that most breeders sell puppies with a first right of refusal clause. Stud Dog Owner would appreciate being informed of puppies that are returned for any reason. An effort will be made on the Stud Dog Owner’s part to help Bitch Owner find a new home for said puppy if help is requested on the puppies return. Stud Dog Owner wishes Bitch Owner to understand that he/she takes the breeding of said Stud Dog very seriously and will be very interested in the puppies resulting from this litter for their entire lifetime. Stud Owner agrees to accept returned puppies if the Bitch Owner is unable to at that time.

This agreement is made and signed by both parties to ensure the wellbeing and protection of this animal. If any part of this Agreement is breached, LJ Kennels is released from any further obligations hereunder. Should LJ Kennels need to seek legal action against the Bitch Owner or the Bitch Owner seek legal action against LJ Kennels due to violations in this agreement, the Bitch Owner will assume any and all attorney and court fees. This Contract and Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United States and the State of Iowa in Appanoose County. Buyer agrees and understands that this contract is non-transferable, as it applies only to the Bitch and Stud Owners.

I have read and I understand and agree to all conditions as indicated by my signature below. Both parties agree to all of the above agreements and terms.

Bitch Owner Signature: ________________
Bitch Owner Print: ____________________
Date: _________________

Stud Dog Owner Signature: ______________
Stud Dog Owner Print: ________________
Date: _________________